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Read   Premises   Protection ,   although   a   relatively   new   company, we have 20 years experience in electronic security systems. We   offer   a   very   friendly   &   professional   service   and   call   on   all that   experience   to   inspect   and   offer   sound   advice   to   our   clients about    their    security    needs.    Ensuring    that    they    get    the    right system for their premises. Our   engineers   have   undergone   very   strict   police   checks   and   are trained   to   the   highest   standards   and   regularly   attend   training courses    to    keep    up    with    the    latest    &    inovative    technology, which is constantly evolving. We    use    the    most    advanced    systems    available    but    pride ourselves in offering very competitive rates. We   are   based   in   Wisbech,   on   the   borders   of   Cambridgeshire, Norfolk   &   Lincolnshire   so   have   easy   access   to   all   areas   of   East Anglia.   We   can   usually   have   an   engineer   on   site   at   very   short notice to offer advice on all aspects of security. We   understand   that   the   continuity   of   business   is   of   paramount importance   and   we   can   fit   in   with   our   clients   operational   needs to ensure minimum disruption. We   do,   of   course   carry   Third   Party   Liability   insurances   so   our clients     can     be     confident     that     we     are     covered     for     any eventualities that may occur.
Given    the    chance    to    quote    for    any security   systems   you   may   require,   we feel    confident    that    you    will    find    our prices   to   be   very   favourable.   From   the feedback    we    receive    from    our    clients, we   are   sure   that   any   work   carried   out   by us speaks volumes about our workforce.
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